Social Responsibility

Social welfare reflects the heart of Donghong as a conscientious enterprise!

Organized the first Lunyu aria of Qufu, contributed to the reconstruction of Liao river scenic spot, improved the infrastructure of nursing homes, fully supported the city's efforts to create forest city, and donated books to primary and middle schools, all of these things reflects the heart of Donghong!

Rescue danger, donation to help students show the feelings of Donghong loves social !

Visiting the staff and workers in need, donating and subsidizing the families in need, and supporting students in golden autumn, these activities shows the sincerity of Donghong loves society, regurgitation-feeding society.

Sharing in development, development in sharing is the core value of Donghong, it is also the promise of Dong hong for society, for staff!

Under the encourage of Sharing in development, development in sharing, Donghong has passed 20 years.
20 years, our staff realized the promise of have house, car, health, money, and face
20 years, Donghong realized the promise for our society that promote economic development and social progress through employment and taxation

Donghong insists the personal integrity as a listed company and public enterprise.

As the first listed company on the main board of China's plastics pipeline industry and a public enterprise stepping onto the national economic stage, donghong has always been self-disciplined with the highest standards, continuously strengthened its management and improved its brand image, striving for the ultimate realization of the dream of "century Donghong 10 billion market value "!

Rescue and relief show the responsibility of donghong!

In 2010, a flooding accident occurred in Wangjialing Coal Mine in Shanxi Province, 153 miners were trapped underground at that time. Donghong people arrived at the scene of the accident at the first time and were the first team to participate in the disaster relief. Donghong urgently transported 14,000 meters of PE pipes to aid disaster relief, and won the most precious time for saving lives. Premier Wen Jiabao personally visited the scene to direct the disaster relief. After all efforts, 115 people were rescued. This is the most successful accident rescue in coal mines.
In addition, the water pollution emergency of Qihe River in Luyi , Henan Province, the rescue of Bailong Mine Huozhou Coal and Power, the rescue of Liyazhuang Mine, the rescue of Shenhua Shenmu Coal Mine, and the rescue of Baima Mine all have the profile of Donghong people and the support of Donghong Pipe.