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The standing committee member of shandong provincial party committee, organizing minister Wang Ke to visit Donghong to inspect and guide party building

On October 17, Wang Ke, member of the standing committee of Shandong provincial party committee and the minister of organization, visited Donghong to inspect and guide party building. Fu Mingxian, the secretary of Jining municipal committee, Kong Fanping, the head of the municipal committee and organization, Liu Dongbo, the secretary of Qufu municipal committee, Sun Xizhong, the head of the municipal committee and organization department, Gong Tongwen, secretary of the party working committee of Xiaoxue street, and other leaders accompanied the inspection. Ni liying, chairman of Donghong , Ni Fengyao, party secretary and President, Ju Hengshan, executive deputy secretary and executive vice-president of the party committee accompanied.

Ju hengshan introduced to wang ke the basic situation of the party committee of donghong and the development of the party construction of donghong; Chairman Ni liying  also made a detailed report to minister Wang on the listing of the donghong management work, as well as the overall operation  .When he learned that Donghon is the eighth in Jining and the only listed enterprise on the main board in Qufu city, and that the party construction work is closely related to enterprise operation, with the focus on the party construction to promote development, Wang Ke expressed his affirmation and appreciation for the achievements made by donghong development and the party construction work.

After carefully listening to the report, wang ke highly praised donghong's practice and successful experience.And encourage us to continue to explore new models and methods, promote enterprise operation and development with party building with special features, truly realize the goal of grasping party building and promoting development, and make greater contribution to regional social and economic development.