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The company takes part in the "Golden autumn show love, help university dream" large-scale public welfare activity, advocates the donation of financial aid to help students, and demonstrates the corporate social responsibility

In the afternoon of August 21th, 2018 Qufu "Golden autumn show love, help university dream" large-scale public welfare activity, that jointly sponsored by Qufu federation of trade unions, communist youth league Qufu municipal party committee and other 8 departments, was grandly held at Confucius Liuyi Town. Li Ling, director of the standing committee of the people's congress of Qufu city, Wang Houzhong, deputy secretary of the municipal committee of Qufu city, Li Qiang, member of the standing committee of the municipal committee of Qufu and head of the municipal committee of united front, Zhou Julan, deputy mayor of Qufu city, Li Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC committee of Qufu city and other major leaders attended the event. Donghong as the main supporting enterprise of this donation, was represented by feng jian, deputy secretary of the party committee and President of the trade union of the company, and was seated in the front row.

Feng jian first on behalf of the chairman ni liying, President ni fengyao, expressed heartfelt thanks to the leadership and social colleagues that have been concerned about the development of Donghong at all levels. He said, As the only public enterprise listed on the main board in qufu city, it is donghong's obligation and responsibility to contribute to social welfare.In the next step, donghong will actively fulfill its social responsibility, take an active part in various public welfare undertakings, and return social support with practical actions.At the same time, we hope that the students who are assisted can finish their studies with excellent grades, and become successful as soon as possible and repay the society.

He then awarded grants on behalf of the company to some student aid representatives and encouraged them to study hard and become successful.

As a public enterprise, donghong will strive to practice the core values of "sharing through development, sharing through development", and actively participate in public welfare activities such as visiting lonely elderly people, supporting students in golden autumn, assisting left-behind children and workers in difficulties, so as to repay the society and highlight its social responsibility