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The signing ceremony of 2018 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala between Donghong Pipe and Beijing Whoswho Culture&media Group Co.,Ltd

In August 22th, Donghong pipe has another great event, Donghong pipe and Beijing Whoswho Culture&Media Group Co.,Ltd(Hereinafter referred to as Whoswho) 2018 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala advertising project  signing ceremony was held. Guests attending the signing ceremony were the President of Whoswho Chenjianping, Assistant of President Wei zhenyu, Strategy director Pan qing; Donghong Pipe chairman Ni Liying, president Ni Fengyao, Executive vice President Ju Hengshan, and every directors, supervisors and executives, More than 100 employees of Donghong pipe witnessed the signing together.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Ju Hengshan, executive vice President of Donghong pipe. After the brief opening remarks, Chen Zuping, the assistant of president from Donghong, gave the welcome speech firstly. He represented  all shareholders and all employees of Donghong, expressed the cordial greetings and heartfelt gratitude to every leaders and guests that who attended the ceremony. He indicated that Whoswho as the famous enterprise of deeply rooted in the cultural media industry for many years, as the strategy cooperator of CCTV, represented the mainstream value of the current society; Correspondingly, as the first listed company in Shanghai stock exchange of China, Donghong pipe co., ltd. is committed to building the world's first brand in the field of engineering pipeline and providing high-quality products to domestic and foreign consumers with a strong sense of social responsibility. The two sides use the occasion of this CCTV Mid-Autumn festival Gala to establish strategic cooperation, it had special historical significance for both two sides. Finally, he wishes the cooperation between donghong management and Whoswho a complete success.

Chen Jianping, the president of Whoswho, indicated in the speech, Whoswho through many years fighting, have already established deep strategic partnership with CCTV, and achieved great development itself; meanwhile, Donghong pipe as China's leading plastic pipe industry, it is also faced with the demand of building brand image and improving market reputation after the mainboard listed. The both side get to know each other at the occasion of the 2018 CCTV Mid-Autumn festival gala, and it had a special commemorative significance. He is also full of confidence in the establishment of strategic cooperative relations between the two sides and the future of cultural communication and brand promotion. He wishes this signing ceremony a complete success.

Next, under the witness of more than 100 people, Ni Fengyao, President of Donghong, and Chen Jianping, President of Whoswho, signed the cooperation agreement.There was thunderous applause, indicating that the cooperation between the two sides will be smooth and constantly go to new steps.
The successful holding of this contract will be recorded in the history of Donghong and Whoswho, laying a solid foundation for the long-term friendly cooperation between donghong and Whoswho. Donghong will fully use CCTV this authority platform, after the successful listing in the constantly open up new heights, widen the new field of vision, based on domestic and facing the world, to build China's largest smart base of manufacture equipment and pipe system, for customers domestic and abroad to provide the safety pipeline and pipe network system, become the most trustworthy enterprise, create industry the world's first brand!