• Epoxy resin powder

    Epoxy powder coatings are made of epoxy resin, special curing agent, food grade pigments and fillers, and additives. This product has the characteristics of high reactivity, high crosslinking density and strong adhesion. The film has excellent water resistance, solvent resistance, cathode peeling resistance, excellent flexibility, impact resistance and other properties.

  • Oriental concentrated masterbatch

    Oriental concentrated masterbatch is based on imported high-quality pigments, using various resins as carriers, and subjected to multiple treatments with various highly reactive surface modifiers, coupling agents and compatibilizers, and then subjected to twin-screw extrusion. Made out of granulation. This product can meet the needs of various types of colors, stable product performance, compatibility with resin, dispersibility, temperature resistance, color fastness and light fastness, giving plastic products a gorgeous color and appearance. At the same time, the inherent properties of the plastic itself will not be reduced.

  • Brand carbon black masterbatches

    DF brand carbon black masterbatches are made of original plastic resins as carriers, pigment carbon black and high quality functional additives. We use advanced equipment to produce the products whose recipes are highly optimized, and the production process is under strictly control. Therefore, our products have stable quality. Our products are inodorous, smokeless, nontoxic, environment-friendly and easily dispersed. They will provide good jetness and gloss, excellent weatherability and good smoothness without reducing the mechanical properties. Using DF brand carbon black masterbatches can improve products’ quality, lower the production cost and minimize the pollution.

  • Oriental Polyethylene Powder

    Oriental Polyethylene Powder has uniform particle size, stable performance, strong adhesion, good dry powder flowability, excellent chemical bond strength with metals such as stainless steel and tinplate, excellent weather resistance of coating film, and excellent low temperature crack resistance. The process is hygienic and safe.

  • Steel –Plastic composite pipe adhesive resin

    Dongfang adhesive resin applied for steel plastic composite pipe, developed by advanced technology of reactive extrusion, which has the advantages of wide application, excellent adhesive properties and strong adaptability. It can be used for FBE-3PE anti-corrosion pipe, steel wire reinforced polyethylene composite pipe and steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated Pipe.

  • 3PE pipe anti-corrosion special material

    Oriental 3PE pipe anti-corrosion special material is a black high-density polyethylene compounding agent, suitable for steel pipe coated outer layer. It has good physical and mechanical properties, electrical properties, excellent environmental stress crack resistance, UV light aging, heat aging resistance and various chemical properties such as acid, alkali and salt. It also has excellent processing properties and appearance properties.